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Be Nice, De-Ice: XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. Partners with Canada Post in Winter Safety Campaign.

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. was thrilled when Canada Post chose to promote their GroundWorks (Organic) Natural Icemelter through this campaign. “One of the reasons homeowners are loathe to use icemelter is that it has a bad rap,” says one XYNYTH team member. “The old standby, rock salt, causes more trouble than it fixes. Rock salt is very detrimental to concrete, landscaping and the environment. It’s also dangerous to use around children and pets.” Unfortunately, it’s letter carriers who pay the price. Homeowners don’t de-ice in an effort to preserve the condition of their façades, but create skating rinks in their driveways. Read More>>

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Focus On Ice Melters - XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.( Maintenance Sales News )

A full range of ice melt products from XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., awaits distributors and their end-use customers this year. These deicers include the company’s popular environmentally and pet friendly Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™- a premium item specially designed to melt ice and snow effectively while posing no risk to users, pets, concrete or the environment when used as directed. Read More>>


Icemelt Company Sets The Record Straight About Salt:

Salt, applied in the amounts necessary to actually melt snow, pickles aquatic life, destroys vegetation and significantly alters soil structure. It’s harmful to use around children and pets and damages concrete and flooring if tracked indoors. And while it will melt snow, it’s definitely not the most effective product on the market anymore – there are options that melt faster, work longer and cost less. To put it plainly, salt’s bad.

Heck, too much of it’s bad for our own health – “Consuming too much salt can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, edema and kidney stones” (Susanne Meyers, ezinearticles.com) – why should we expect it to be any better for the environment?

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. has been in the icemelt business for over 20 years. They know a thing or two about melting snow – and they have a solution to salt that many North Americans are already using faithfully: GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is a fertilizer-based icemelter that works better than salt, but causes none of the damage. In fact, it actually works to repair some of the damage caused by years of salt use. GroundWorks is an easy sell – it does exactly what it promises.
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Canada Post / XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. North Shore Winter Safety Campaign A Huge Success:

This past Saturday, over a thousand North Shore residents got up early and braved the cold for a free 10lb bag of environmentally-friendly GroundWorks Natural Icemelter™.

This past Saturday, over a thousand North Shore residents got up early and braved the cold for a free 10lb bag of environmentally-friendly GroundWorks Natural Icemelter™. Event organizers, Canada Post and XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., were thrilled with the turn out. “It really demonstrates,” says a XYNYTH Rep, “that not only do people genuinely care about their letter carriers, but that they also genuinely care about the environment.”
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Icemelt Manufacturing Company Wants You To Think About Snow This Summer:

Summer seems a strange time to think about snow. If we start planning for winter now, however, the difficult weather and transit conditions that come with it will be easier to handle.