Market Profile

Protecting the environment has become a focal point for many people of all backgrounds. The market that buys Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ are people with just such a focus, and are people willing to do their part. The market demographics tend to be equally concerned about price as they are about the environment. This means that they want to do their part, within the confines of tight budget.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ was specifically developed to meet this growing market profile demand. A special multi-layer coating process was developed to make each icemelter granule powerful, effective and yet gentle on the environment.

This product was truly designed for the organically inclined.


Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ contains minerals that are essential to human life, making it gentle on the environment and its eco-systems. The product is made up primarily from three ingredients, potassium chloride, CMA and sodium chloride. Potassium, being a required nutrient to plant life, has long been known as a safe ingredient to melt ice safely and the CMA gives this product the boost it needs to work down to very low temperatures.


Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ melts ice to -29°C (-20°F). The product will start working immediately upon application because each granule is multi-layer coated, all the components work together in unison to quickly and effective melt ice more effectively than common blended products.

Application Method / Rate

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ is best applied in a uniform even distribution. It should be spread at a rate of 50 – 100 grams per square metre (¼ - ½ cup per square yard). It is easiest to spread by mechanical means, such as a spreader, depending on size of coverage. It is recommended to remove ice and slush once ice bond has broken.

Icemelter may be applied at the beginning of a storm to prevent hard ice accumulations.

Environmental Impact

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ has been designed to be gentle on the environment while at the same time safer on the surfaces it is used upon, when used as directed. The potassium component will provides nutrients to plant.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™ contains no urea and is safe to groundwater systems. Urea contains nitrogen, which breaks down to ammonia and is toxic to fish at very low concentrations.

Storage & Handling

Gloves are optional in the spreading of Arctic ECO Green Icemelter ™. It is safe to handle, and safe around children and pets. Pets can walk on the product and not harm their paws. The product is WHMIS exempt in Canada, and OSHA exempt in USA.